What You Need to Pull Off a Backyard Circus for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Fairs and circuses are popular destinations for families. They’re wholesome and they offer a large variety of fun and entertainment for everyone, which are the reasons why a lot of children would love a circus-themed party for their birthday.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy to invite an entire circus over for a child’s birthday, but you definitely can definitely arrange a smaller scale circus-themed shindig. There are party planners and entertainment services to help you with this.

But what should you incorporate for a circus-themed birthday party for your little one? Here are 10 of the must-haves.

1. Ticket-shaped party invites

To get into the party, the invites are must-haves. You can search for such invites online and they are even customizable to contain the details for your child’s circus-themed party.

2. Colorful signs

A circus is not complete without all those big colorful and graphic signs. They are actually very easy to make. You can use the templates available online and just add the details. Print the signs on tarpaulins and place them in different parts of your backyard.

These signs are functional elements that actually make wonderful decor as well.

3. Bunting

Nothing indicates that space is going to be used for a fun festivity as bunting can. You hang them all over your yard, along with string lights to form a canopy and voila! A circus. You can make your own bunting (even reusable cloth ones) or simply purchase them from party suppliers.

4. Fairy crowns and red noses

These are wonderful welcome freebies for the kids and it will put them in circus party mode right away.

5. Food stands

Among the best attractions of a circus or fair is the food. A circus has a distinct smell to it and it often wafts from the food stands. You must have the staples such as popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes, caramel apples, corn on the cob, corndogs – you know, all the “delicious junk.”.

For a circus-themed party, you want everybody to just go “wow” at every little thing. Once the little ones see all their favorite (mostly sweet) treats, the “wows” will definitely roll out of their mouths already.

6. Different game booths

Bottle toss, corn in the hole, ring toss, and pop the balloon are just some of the traditional fun games that a carnival or circus has and everybody (young and old) enjoys them.

For the game booths, make sure to stock them up with prizes. They can just be dinky toys from the Dollar Store or little gourmet desserts wrapped in fancy packaging.

And, consider an inflatable bouncy castle too if you have a spacious property. Such play equipment is popular for kids and it offers hours of fun.

7. Shows

A circus-themed party needs different shows. You can hire performers for this such as singers (a barbershop quartet is always a good choice) and magicians. You can even bring in a mascot or two that the young party people can have their pictures taken with.

Another one to consider is a film showing in your backyard, which is perfect for guests who just want to kick back and relax with a cold bottle of soda and a bucket of popcorn.

8. Background music

It would be great to have a live band to provide the event with music. But, if that’s too costly, you can just play a playlist of classic circus music through a sound system. You need background music to create the perfect vibe for the party.

9. Balloons

These are staples for a circus or carnivals. Helium balloons will add more color to the event and most children love playing with them or simply having a balloon tied to their wrist with a string as they explore the circus.

10. Character cut-out boards

You will always find these in circuses, carnivals and amusement parks. Character cut-out boards present photo ops for guests and for a party, you want everybody to take lots of pictures as a remembrance of the fun event.

Those are the absolute must-haves for your child’s circus-themed birthday party. You can still add more if time and budget allow. Such a party is going to be a lot of work. But, the good thing is, there are people and professional services that can help you pull off such an event to ensure the fun and joy of your little one, as well as, his or her friends.


In 2008, Managing Director and Founder of The Big Moo Events Lorate Hamzeh left a successful career in Human Resources to venture into the niche market of children’s entertainment. By introducing the UAE to Singing Telegrams, Lorate attracted the attention of the children’s entertainment market with a collection of fun mascots. Within a year, Lorate added children’s entertainers and bouncers to the company’s ever-growing list of services, and the rest was history.

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