Things You Can Enjoy In NYC On A Boring Evening!

There is always something more to explore in New York City. From the busy Times Square to over80 museums and countless pizza shops, one can spend days, enjoying the charm of this city that never really sleeps. If you are here for a couple of days and are wondering how you should spend your evenings, we have a guide for your help.

Hop the restaurants

While there are many iconic restaurants in New York City, it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair all the time. Some of the restaurants do have signature menus, especially for those who are tired of the cheeseburgers and pizza slices. We recommend that you make time one evening to eat out at a couple of known restaurants – we promise you won’t regret paying the bill!

Take the Staten Island Ferry

While the Staten Island Ferry is available even in the day, taking a ride after sunset is another experience altogether. The skyline feels different, and you will love all those twinkling lights. What’s the best part? The ride is free! When you don’t want to do anything else, just take an hour to travel to Staten Island and return back to place.

Enjoy a Jazz show

Jazz is pretty popular in NYC, and you will find a bunch of clubs that have events and concerts all through the week. The good news is the pricing for drinks, which can be cheap if you check in early for happy hours. If you are interested in a show, make sure to book the tickets in advance, because jazz lovers flock to these clubs all the time.

Head to Brooklyn Bazaar

Brooklyn Bazaar is a nice place to enjoy many attractions and dining options, with choice of live music. During the summer, you can head to what’s called the ‘Queens Night Market’. Located in Corona Park, you can enjoy some of the best street food stalls here. It is much more fun on a weekend when the rush is at the peak.

Attend a television show taping

Many of the best TV shows are filmed in NYC, and for many of them, you don’t have to pay at all! Consider a visit for Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which typically films in the evening, and there are also other options. Note that some shows require advance reservation, so check that and make sure to get your seat.

With so much on offer, NYC evenings can be fun!

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