The average cost of a wedding in London

Weddings can be the grandest event of a lifetime for many people and with the biggest party of your life, comes the biggest price tag. Weddings can incur huge costs anywhere, but in London, the prices can get even wilder.

The average cost of a London wedding

A lot comes down to how minimalistic or grandiose you want your wedding to be as there is a huge range of things which you may decide you do or do not want to include and even within the basics, there’s an enormous scale of prices you can choose to pay. However, an average wedding in the UK has been reported to cost around 32,000 as of 2022.

What contributes to this cost?

There are hundreds of things to think about when wedding planning and these seemingly small additions that you can’t do without can quickly start to add up. So what are some of the most costly parts of a London wedding?

The venue

Venue rental is a huge cost, but one you can’t go without. After all, how can you have a wedding without a venue? The cost can vary quite dramatically for this since you may need to book a space for the ceremony as well as any afterparty and needs can vary, but generally, venue hire can cost between £2,000 and £7,000. You can pay by the hour to rent spaces and opt for fewer hours to reduce cost but, really, who wants to cut their special day short?


For many, food is the most important part of a wedding. The wedding breakfast is a key event and making sure you have great food as well as options so that everyone can enjoy it is important. This might explain why the average cost of catering at weddings can be around £7,000 to £10,000. Ranging up to a third of an entire wedding budget, you definitely need to make sure you choose your dishes wisely!


There’s nothing worse than being stuck at a wedding, waiting for something to happen. If you don’t want guests to get bored you need to consider the entertainment you could provide. Something like live wedding bands in London can really liven up the party atmosphere and make your event memorable for you and your guests, but at what price?

Entertainment can cost anywhere from £2000 to £4000 on your big day, depending on how impressive you want your wedding to be. This is one of the largest contributions to the cost of a wedding but for good reason – making a once-in-a-lifetime day special is worth it.

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