Five Awesome Qualities you Should be Looking for in an Event Speaker

Whether you are hosting a congress, conference, or meeting, your event can like a concert. Your speakers serve as the main performers. Your chosen speaker will influence the decision of your audience whether to attend your event or skip it. That is why you must invite the right speaker to your event. Speakers can be industry experts, celebrities, or public figures. They need to have the following qualities to get the attention of your participants and keep them engaged:


You want to invite a speaker who knows a lot about the subject matter of your event. Only knowledgeable speakers can deliver a presentation or a speech that the audience will appreciate and value. Your audience will only stay engaged when they find that the speaker possesses the authority to talk about the topic.


Speakers need to have charisma to capture people’s attention. They have to deliver their content and speech in an engaging way to prevent the audience from feeling bored and sleepy. Also, speakers with charisma make events memorable and enjoyable, ensuring most of your audience will attend your future events.


Before choosing a salle congrès estrie for your congress, you want to make sure you invite a speaker who has relevant experience, expertise, or knowledge based on the kind of events you are hosting and the subject matter in focus. The relevance of your speaker is especially essential if your audience is composed of Gen X and Gen Y participants. Choosing famous field speakers and personalities who are associated with the subject matter of your event will ensure more participant turnover.

Can Give Unique Speech or Participation

Every keynote speaker is allowed a degree of novelty in providing their audience with a presentation or speech while reinforcing the main theme and topic of the event. This is because your audience may have heard their speech or seen their presentation before. Your audience expects to see and hear something new at your event. Thus, pick a speaker who will surely offer a fresh take on a topic to keep your audience interested.

Can Find Ways and Adjust

Great speakers are resourceful which lets them adjust to and handle unexpected situations such as technical issues or controversial questions that the audience may have. To make sure you find a resourceful speaker, try to see them in action before your event. This will give you a better idea about how they perform, delivery their content, and handle questions from the audience.

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