4 Tips to Follow to Successfully Cater an Event

There are many places in Minneapolis that cater a whole range of events like baby showers, retirement parties, family reunions etc. And while these companies are busy catering the event, they learn a lot of things along the way. Hence, this article compiles such tips to help you cater an event successfully.

  1. Cocktails

The most creative way to serve alcohol at a catered party without affecting your budget is to seek the specialty, emphasizing on the taste experience. You can replace the full bar with a single local wine, a specialty drink and a micro brewed beer. Make sure that the specialty drink is made with a spirit, sparkling wine or sangria.

  1. Timeline

Learn in advance on how long you want the event to last and then build a timeline for yourself. Entail each step of the catered event like greeting the guests to walking the last guests to the door to keep things in flow. When you have the control over the flow of the events, the guests seem to have more fun and you have less stress to deal with. If you are dealing with a caterer who offers catering services for any kind of food, you must consult with the staff to ensure that you are all on the same page.

  • Some money saving tips
    • Pick a glass style that is functional with all beverages you are serving rather than having multiple sizes and styles for every kind of drink.
    • Pass the hors d’oeuvres are cheaper than buffet at cocktail hour.
    • Serve the coffee from the bar instead of serving at the tables
    • Get a correct number of attendees well in advance to save up on the unattendees.
    • You can easily prepare salad, fruit tray and crudités with the help of those willing to help
    • You can also go for a candy or cookie buffet for the dessert doubles.

  • The set up
    • Install signs at the road and entrance to make the navigation easy for guests
    • Plan the event layout to have plenty of space for guests to move about
    • Have easy access to bathrooms, bar area etc.
    • Leave enough space between to have enough space for the guests to move around.
    • Planning events indoor gives you more control than outdoor events as weather is not an issue but it makes your guests comfortable at a defined temperature.

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