10 Pointers For Selecting A Venue Worthy Of Your Event!

The whole process of planning an event can be chaotic at best. There are many things to consider, and one of the prime aspects is about selecting a venue that matches your requirements for the event.

Below, we have the 10 important pointers that are worthy of considering.

  • The budget. You probably have a figure in mind, which should help you in shortlisting a few choices. Keep in mind that discounts are possible, but at the same time, some banquet halls in Houston cost more because of the location alone.
  • How many guests would attend your event? That largely determines the size of the venue and will help you in narrowing down other choices. Don’t downsize, because you wouldn’t want your people to feel cramped.

  • Do you want to hire outside caterers? Not all venues allow the same, so checking in advance is always recommended. You may want a venue that allows you to take the call.
  • Do you need space for parking? Well, this is often an aspect that many organizers don’t take into account. Guests will have cars, and you will need space in almost any scenario.
  • Does the venue have entertainment arrangements? Often this can be a part of the package, or the venue organizers can get things done on request.
  • What about open space? For a BBQ style buffet, you must have open space. Consider the theme and requirements and take a call.

  • What about the theme? For some themes, you may need more of both open and indoor space. Make sure that you consider the theme before selecting the location.
  • Does the venue have any restrictions? Don’t be surprised, but owners often have a list of dos and don’ts that hosts and guests must adhere to.
  • What’s the best and biggest event they have organized so far? Check the pictures, find more on arrangements and get a good idea of what they can actually offer beyond what’s promised on paper.
  • Will the location serve as an advantage? If you are organizing an event outside the main town, the prices will be lower and you may have more of free space.

Most importantly, don’t be rigid with your requirements. Be open to discussions, and make sure that you have also hired the right caterer. Guests may forget the arrangements and other aspects, but good food and bombastic entertainment remain the prime areas of interest. Shortlist a few choices now.

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